MOORESVILLE – On a frigid Tuesday morning, customers stream into the welcoming, warm space that is Field of Greens.

The bright green tables, black chairs and cheery orange awnings bring a fresh, pleasant feel to the restaurant. The first sight is the large L-shaped counter stacked with red and black bowls. Customers walk up to the worker at the end of the counter and order off a large menu on the wall.

There are salads, wraps, paninis and soups. People can order a set salad or create their own; same goes for the paninis and wraps. The salad bar consists of different types of lettuces, chopped fresh vegetables, cheeses, various toppings and many different types of dressings.

“It can all be totally customized,” explains Katelyn Syper, who has worked at the restaurant since it opened. “The options are endless!”

So customers who need gluten-free or low fat can simply ask for a specific ingredient and the workers can make him or her a healthy, fresh meal.

The food is not just healthy, it is delicious.

The chicken with roasted peppers panini is grilled perfectly with a buttery flavor and crisp crunch to the bread. The roasted peppers taste fresh and give a welcome tang to the chicken. The salads are decent-sized and filled with fresh lettuce and other ingredients. The Buffalo chicken wrap is hearty with lightly spiced chicken and toppings.

“You order it and we make it,” Syper said. “So everything is always very fresh.”

Field of Greens has been located at the Shops at Morrison Plantation since 2009.

Owner Ross Shattuck developed the restaurant from a chain salad bar-type place that was originally in the space. He used his knowledge of other restaurants, specifically salad bars, to improve the customer’s experience.

The restaurant is also home to a TCBY - The Country’s Best Yogurt.

“We went with TCBY because it is one of the healthiest types of frozen yogurt,” Syper said. “It really fits well with our healthy lunch and dinner options.”

Customers can bring their receipt from Field of Greens to the TCBY counter and receive 10 percent off their frozen yogurt order.

“People just love the frozen yogurt option,” Syper said. “Many customers just walk to the back of the restaurant and order some dessert.”

The restaurant also does a bustling catering business, working with Lakeside Prep, race teams, Lowe’s corporate and other businesses.

There is also a kid’s menu with grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and a customizable salad.

Although the line is often out the door for lunch, the workers know how to keep it moving.

“Customers can expect to get through the line really quickly,” Syper said. “We prep everything ahead of time so we can make salads and sandwiches fresh and fast.”

Joey Meier, of Mooresville, is a regular patron at Field of Greens; he even has a specific seat he sits in close to every day.

“I just really like the variety and freshness of the food,” Meier said. “I work in the area and the place feels like Cheers to me. Everyone knows my name.”

His lunch pals nod in agreement; they are all regular customers, as well.

Field of Greens is an excellent place to go for a quick and healthy meal. The staff works hard to create the best meals for their customers.

“I actually hate going out to eat,” Syper admits. “I just always feel too full and like I ate too much junk. But after eating here, you don’t feel that way. We have so many great and fresh options.”

This may just become a go-to place for that New Year’s resolution: Eating well and feeling good, too.


Want to go? Field of Greens 111-D Marketplace Ave., Mooresville, 704-660-9995.