Davidson resident wins juried art show

MOORESVILLE – Jayne Braxton still doesn’t know what’s going on in it.

The Davidson resident and professional painter won first place in the Mooresville Artist Guild’s Winter Juried Exhibit for her acrylic abstract, “Surrounded by Blue.”

Judged by Anne Scott Clement, executive director of Waterworks Visual Arts Center in Salisbury, the show runs until Feb. 27 at the Mooresville Depot Visual Arts Center, 103 W. Center Ave. Out of 118 entries, Gallery Chairwoman Jessica DeHart said Clement chose 79 to hang up.

In Braxton’s work, a swirl of different colored blue shapes collide with each other and explode near the center of the canvas.  

“It’s an intuitive painting, so what I do is put paint on paper and just keep working on it. As time passes by, it evolves several times,” she said. “I can’t even remember what’s going on underneath. It could be totally red.”

After painting it on and off all summer, she said the beauty of her work is that different people see different things when they look at it. This helps heighten the element of mystery.  

“Surrounded by Blue” might represent a solar system with its moon, stars and planets moving about, Braxton said. The white burst in the middle reminds her of water frothing out from a source.

“If you put a mark somewhere, a stroke, you have to balance it out somewhere else. I just have to work with it until I see a direction,” she added. “The painting tells me how it should go.”