MOORESVILLE – Jan. 23 marked more than a grand opening and an open-house event for Kerry and Rene Earnhardt.

The two celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on the same day as the Earnhardts and Schumacher Homes hosted the grand opening of Schumacher Homes’ new Mooresville design studio off Alcove Road.

The grand opening, which attracted more than 100 guests, featured a look into three Schumacher homes.

The Earnhardts began working with Schumacher on The Earnhardt Collection, a series of homes inspired by the family, in 2012. The open house displayed two home designs that the Earnhardts created, Schumacher said, “from a blank canvas."

“We all got together, we talked about what was most important in the home, and what was most important to them before we ever drew one floor plan or a single sketch," he said. "It had nothing to do with racing. We had no preconceived notion of how we wanted to do these. Now, it’s evolved to this, and we have a collection of 22 plans that are super-unique and very personal to the Earnhardts.”

Kerry Earnhardt, a Mooresville resident and the oldest son of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, said one thing factored heavily into his decision to partner with Schumacher Homes.

“We’re big with family. We have four kids and growing up, we were all about family,” Earnhardt said. “The Schumachers are huge about family. They’ve got all kinds of relatives working in their company. It was something we felt like we could believe in, and it’s really proved its point now.”

Earnhardt admitted he’s not the most artistic between himself and Rene, but it hasn’t stopped him from contributing heavily to the project.

Rene Earnhardt said the two worked on coming up with homes that would stand out and promote not just a good look but also a family-type of atmosphere.

“We wanted to explain what a home meant to us when we first met with the Schumachers,” she said. “When you come into an Earnhardt Collection home, we want you to be able to understand what it is, and it’s about a good family feel. Each home has a story, and each one has a name (like Pikes Peak), that has some importance to us.”

Schumacher said the grand opening gave visitors a great chance to see what the houses have to offer, and to get to know the people who designed them.

“We didn’t want to just create a line of homes that were different, but also homes that were inspired by people and what’s important to them,” he said. “Everything has gone really well. We had people moving into an Earnhardt home, and the Earnhardts went to meet them and hang a picture over their mantle. It’s unique, and it’s been really great to see how well it’s all come together.”


Want to go? The Earnhardt Collection is on display at Schumacher Homes’ new Mooresville location at 341 Alcove Road. Details: