HUNTERSVILLE —  A blanket of snow and icy conditions shut down schools in Mecklenburg, Iredell and Lincoln counties and sent emergency personnel out to aid drivers Jan. 28-29.  

Huntersville Fire Department Public Information Officer Bill Suthard said personnel responded to five accidents, each with minor injuries. Though few in number, each incident involved multiple vehicles.

“There was an accident that involved six vehicles,” Suthard said of an evening wreck. “After that, the amount of calls increased exponentially.”

One spot in particular was a curve on Huntersville-Concord Road near First Street. Other wrecks occurred at Sam Furr Road and West Catawba Avenue, as well as McIllwaine and McCoy roads.

Huntersville Police could not be reached by deadline, but Suthard said they responded to more incidents.

Cornelius Police Sgt. T. Sharpe said his department saw five accidents in the afternoon and 10 between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

‘There were some with some minor injuries, but most were single vehicle car accidents sliding off the road causing property damage,” he said.

The Davidson Fire Department reported five incidents.

“Remarkably, none of these incidents were for motor vehicle collisions,” Davidson Fire Captain Dion Burleson said. “There have been a couple of incidents that involved falls with injury.”

Davidson police reported only two accidents during the day. Nightshift records were not available by press deadline.  

Drivers are better off staying home in those conditions, advised Suthard. 

“People ventured out for fun and it drove calls,” he said.  “We kept saying if you don’t have to go anywhere, stay. Relax with your family and enjoy the heat.”

For those who do have to go out, he advises to increase following distances between cars, go slower than usual and don’t overbrake. Drivers are also reminded that bridges and overpasses ice first and if the car begins to slide, drivers should take their foot off of the gas and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slide without hitting the brakes.

In addition to those, Cornelius Police and the Davidson Fire Department also remind drivers to clear windows and mirrors, use extreme caution when walking on ice and give space heaters three feet of clearance in all directions.