SUBHEAD: Conviction stems from Huntersville crash

CHARLOTTE – A jury found Victor Moultry, 46, of Charlotte, guilty of murder April 4 in the February 2012 death of Paul “Red” Jones.

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Homicide Team tried Moultry for second-degree murder, felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor hit and run. A jury found him guilty as charged.

Superior Court Judge H. William Constangy sentenced Moultry to 207-261 months in prison, as well as an additional 120 days in custody. The trial began March 31.

In February 2012, Moultry was driving on West W.T. Harris Boulevard in Charlotte when he drove over the median and into the wrong lane. He turned and struck a vehicle at the intersection of West W.T. Harris Boulevard and Statesville Road. Moultry fled the scene, speeding north on Statesville Road.

Witnesses testified that they saw him driving at high speeds on the wrong side of the road, passing vehicles in a no-passing zone and forcing cars off the road.

Moultry continued speeding on Statesville Road into Huntersville, where he slammed into the rear end of a truck being driven by 53-year-old Jones.  

The crash forced Jones’ truck off the road and down a ravine. He died two days later as a result of his injuries.

Friends told The Herald Weekly that Jones said on his deathbed that he had no ill will toward Moultry. Jones was a high-end cabinetmaker who left behind a wife and two step-children.

Investigators, who discovered cocaine in Moultry’s car, found the presence of cocaine in his blood and determined that Moultry was driving at more than 100 mph at the time of the crash.