Radiant Life connects Christ to Miley Cyrus and Vladimir Putin

HUNTERSVILLE – On Easter Sunday, Chris Thompson, of Radiant Life Church in Huntersville, will talk about how the Pope exemplifies the good news of Easter, which Thompson says is “a message of forgiveness, love and new life.”

On March 28, Pope Francis stunned parishioners, faith leaders and his own master of ceremonies at St. Peter’s Basilica when he broke protocol to kneel before an ordinary priest and confess his sins.

When La Civilta Cattolica Editor Antonio Spadoro asked the Pope in an interview last year, “Who is Jorge Mario Bergolio (the interview was translated into English by America Magazine)?,” the Pope answered, “I am a sinner.”

Thompson’s Easter sermon, called “What would Jesus say to the Pope,” will be the first in a new series called “What would Jesus say?” Subsequent sermons will explore what Jesus would say to Ellen DeGeneres (April 27), Vladimir Putin (May 4) and Miley Cyrus (May 11).

“We handpicked certain well-known, current newsmakers of our day,” Thompson said, “and imagined what it would sound like if we were able to eavesdrop on a private conversation (with Jesus).”

So what might Jesus say to Pope Francis, who was named by Time Magazine as the Person of the Year and who has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, The New Yorker and The Advocate?

Thompson believes Jesus would say, "Good job on reforming the focus of the church. Good job on courageously breaking some traditions. Good job on recognizing your identity in me.”

Although Radiant Life is a non-denominational Protestant church, Thompson will use the Pope as a springboard to celebrate the Christian church after the resurrection, both Protestant and Catholic. The church, he believes, is “God's plan A for leading people to Jesus.”


Radiant Life Fellowship meets at Blythe Elementary School on Sundays at 10 a.m. For more information, go to www.radiantlifefellowship.com.