MOORESVILLE – Mooresville Ford sales consultant Wilbur Rouse missed out on a notable commission.

Rouse and nine others competed in a national contest to sell a Ford F-150 King Ranch truck to Jimmy Fallon, host of “The Tonight Show.”

The winner had to outlast the others in keeping at least one finger a display truck.

The contest, called “Tonight Show Fingers on a 4X4,” began March 31 and will last until April 4 or until the last contestant stands. Rouse was eliminated April 2. Only two contestants remained at press time.

Ford Corporation chose Rouse to compete because he is one the country’s top sales consultants, said Jeff Shoe, general manager of Mooresville Ford.

He has been listed as such in USA Today.

Rouse recently got an email saying that he made the top 10. After an extensive phone interview with NBC, he found himself on a plane heading for New York on March 30.  

The event was held on the deck of New York City’s Intrepid Aircraft Carrier at the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum’s complex.

The contest was designed as a grueling marathon of endurance. Contestants were given five-minute breaks every hour and 15-minute breaks every six hours.

Rouse wears a bracelet with a green frog that he never takes off that stands for Forever Relying On God.

“What makes Wilbur great is his determination, dedication, enthusiasm and faith in God,” Shoe said.