CORNELIUS Rob Bennett takes his paddle board out early in the morning and sits in the calm of Lake Norman. This takes him back to being in Hawaii where everything seems quieter.

Bennett’s company, My Aloha Paddle and Surf, is riding a growing wave of popularity, having just hosted Lake Norman’s first World Paddle Association-sanctioned race and opened up a new shop at 17505 W. Catawba Ave. He also operates a showroom in Mooresville.

His new lakefront store houses about 30 boards of varying shapes, lengths and uses.

Night boards have lights underneath them to make the water glow. The boards can be enhanced with a sonar and fishing rod holster or accommodate yoga practice on the lake.

The store offers free delivery, small repairs, trade-ins, rentals, one-on-one instruction and group classes for up to six people.

Instructors are all WPA- and Paddlefit-certified. They teach standup paddle boarding  and yoga on the board. Classes take about an hour and are designed to introduce people to the sport.

My Aloha Paddle and Surf plans on holding two major races in the spring and fall, with smaller events in between. Every event features a pre- and post-party to allow guests who are not participating a chance to have fun.