CORNELIUS – Cornelius Town Manager Anthony Roberts said reclamation and resurfacing of Jetton Road by the N.C. Department of Transportation is expected to begin sometime in August or September.

The town board previously agreed to a proposal for NCDOT to reconstruct Jetton from West Catawba Avenue to John Connor Road on the condition the town would take over ownership and maintenance afterward. The board was told the work could begin as early as June or July, but Roberts said estimated construction is now the fall, and that depends on weather and the contract.

The nearly two-mile stretch has commonly been an area needing improvements and has been patched and undergone other repair work.  After the resurfacing, the new life expectancy could be as long as 12-15 years before any further major repair work is needed.

Cornelius resident David Himebaugh said the project ending with the town ownership is a wise one, but he worries about what will happen to the rest of the road.

“The road narrows greatly a little after John Connor Road and has many twists and curves, which creates dangers for people and cars,” he said. “There are many people walking with baby strollers, jogging and cycling on this section of the road. I’m afraid it is an accident waiting to happen as cars have a difficult time seeing around the sharp curves.”

Himebaugh said he hopes NCDOT would consider widening the end of the road and adding multipurpose paths on each side.

Roberts said, the proposal doesn’t include anything after John Connor Road and that area would continue to be under the state’s ownership.

“It’s fairly wide,” Roberts said of the portion the town would take over. “Then it goes from four lanes to two lanes and then after John Connor Road, it narrows and becomes more a rural road. … From what we’ve heard, there are no plans to widen the last section of that road.”

Calls to NCDOT were not returned as of press deadline. Prior to taking it over, commissioners have asked to ensure the project is completely finished and will have to officially vote on it.