CORNELIUS – Town staff are getting the board and residents prepared for commissioners to receive a raise by giving a year’s notice. Based on comparisons to other towns in Mecklenburg County and Mooresville, Cornelius’ pay grade comes in below average.

During the board’s premeeting June 16, Town Manager Anthony Roberts tentatively offered what a 3 percent increase would look like, though he said commissioners could receive 3 or 5 percent more than the 2014-15 budget year. The raise would still keep them at or below average of other nearby towns.

All of the following figures were provided by Cornelius town staff:

• Pineville, with the lowest population of 7,963, offers its mayor $15,000 a year and board members $9,000 a year, the most of all compared towns.

• Davidson, with the next lowest population of 11,594, pays its mayor $12,019 a year and its board members just over a third of that, $4,251, thanks to a recently approved commissioner raise taking effect July 1.

• Mint Hill, with a population of 23,905, pays its mayor $10,000 and its board members $5,000.

• Cornelius, with its population of 26,650 pays its mayor $12,000 and board members $5,000. Proposals at a 3 percent raise change them to $12,360 and $5,150, respectively in the 2015-16 budget year if approved.

• Matthews, with a population of 28,403, pays its mayor the most with $15,750 and its board members the least amount with $3,600.

• Mooresville, with a population of 34,209, pays its mayor $11,854 and its board members $7,773.

• With the highest population of 50,141, Huntersville pays its mayor $14,000 and its board members $8,000.

In some of the towns, mayor pro tems are paid slightly more than other board members, but much less than the mayors. All except Davidson also provide phone and technology reimbursement, not included in the above figures. Cornelius offers $200 a month, Huntersville gives $150 a quarter, Matthews provides $3,900 for the mayor and $3,500 for the board per term, Mint Hill gives $100 a month, Mooresville gives $45 biweekly and Pineville gives $150 in cash per month. 

“Come next budget cycle, I don’t plan on spending time on this,” Roberts said. “I recommend an increase next year starting in July 2015. It’s fairly straightforward and simple.”