CORNELIUS – “Infliction” is a movie written, produced and directed by Jack Thomas Smith that documents two brothers’ murder spree in North Carolina and the motives behind their actions.

Filming started Oct. 3, 2011, and wrapped up Nov. 4, with scenes shot in Mooresville, Cornelius, Salisbury and Charlotte. The DVD release was set for early July by Virgil Films & Entertainment, which produced the documentary “Supersize Me.”

Smith’s inspiration for the film grew from a person he knew who lived through a similar experience. He described the movie as “an assembled film project, and a character-driven, found-footage film.”

This is because each brother involved in the murder spree holds a camera at the other brother, and the film shows that very footage. First-person filming allows the audience to have access to the two brothers’ thoughts as they commit the violent acts.

Aside from a 25 percent state tax credit, having family in the area attracted Smith to North Carolina. The director’s brother, Mike, lives in Cornelius with his wife, Erika, who owns the Lake Norman Performing Arts of Huntersville. The company provides production services for every step of the film process, including location scouting, sound design and casting.

“It was an amazing experience shooting in Lake Norman – it was a great place to work and there is a lot of talent,” Smith said.

The actors were mostly based in Charlotte. Some of the local talent included lead actress Ana Shaw who lives in Charlotte, as well as supporting actresses Catherine Trail who lives in South Carolina, Gina Travis of Mooresville, Vanessa Ore of Davidson and Charlotte-based actress Mahri Shelton. Former TV anchorman Vince Coakley is also featured in a news clip scene.

Smith contacted local town halls for permission to shoot on location and expressed how he liked working in Mooresville as the police was “amazing and supportive.”

Filming also took place at Acropolis Café and The Rusty Rudder in Cornelius, which Smith said were both phenomenal. Scenes were also shot on private property, such as Jan Hampton’s house in Mooresville.

Directors Stanley Kubrick and George Romero influenced Smith’s film style.

“Doing films is in my DNA, from writing the screenplay, postproduction and now marketing,” he said.

Smith is marketing the film through social media, including 12 Twitter accounts with more than 20,000 followers, and he is trying to secure foreign film rights.

Smith is pushing movie sales through Walmart, CinemaNow, Google Play and many more platforms, but iTunes has been the most popular for sales so far.

Screenings of “Infliction” have received great response in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, with many people thinking it is a true story because of the first-person filming.