HUNTERSVILLE – In the wide world of pizza crusts, there is the ongoing battle between New York-style (thin and crispy) and the Chicago-style (deep-dish). But have you ever had Greek-style pizza?

According to Todd Goodheart, this type is pan-cooked with a denser, crispier crust, sweeter sauce and 100 percent sharp cheddar cheese.

“I worked for Greeks up North in Maine,” Goodheart said. “I may not be Greek, but I’m an expert now.”

Goodheart has always worked in the restaurant business, owning three pizzerias over the last seven years. After he sold the last pizza restaurant, he and his wife thought about moving toward the sunshine and possibly South Carolina.

But friends in Huntersville convinced them to visit, and they ended up loving the area.

“We live in Carrington Ridge and could not ask for a nicer, friendlier neighborhood,” Goodheart said. “The entire family loves it here.”

The Pizza Stop has been open since March. It abuts the Pitt Stop gas station facing Statesville Road.

There are perks to being so close to a gas station. A customer pops his head in the door and orders up a sandwich, saying he’ll finish filling up his car while it’s being made.

Plus patrons can grab beer, wine, other drinks and snacks to take along with their meals.

“I don’t even bother stocking beverages,” Goodheart said. “They’ve got every drink imaginable right next door.”

The restaurant is strictly take-out or delivery but there is a picnic table at the side of the building for customers who might want to sit and eat outside.

The space was already equipped as a restaurant when Goodheart found it.

“We thought we would just jump in and get our feet wet,” he said. “It is our hope to possible expand after a year or two.”

The menu is compact containing only pizzas, sandwiches and salads. This means that each item is crafted with precision and care. The crust on the pizza is made from scratch as is the sauce. For the gyro, the pita bread is also made in-house. All of the sandwiches and chicken are baked in the oven.

Plus the chicken is marinated in-house and never frozen. The salads are made with the freshest produce available. Goodheart goes out every day to get what he needs, so each food item is incredibly fresh.

The pizzas are not just run-of-the-mill fare; there are several specialty pies to entice the more adventurous diner. There is the BLT pizza complete with bacon, lettuce and tomato; the gryo pizza; chicken pesto pizza; and finally the cheeseburger pizza. This final pizza has burger meat, catsup, mustard, pickle relish and cheese.

It actually elevates the taste of a cheeseburger, coming together like an open-face sandwich, with all the ingredients melding together with a satisfying crunch.   

Customer Mike Groulx arrives to order a sandwich and can’t say enough about the place.

“It simply has fantastic food,” Groulx said. “It is always fresh with great flavor.”

Goodheart smiles at the compliment and heads to make the sandwich. There is always a sandwich of the day set at a low cost.

The Pizza Stop is one of those places that customers might pass on by, but that would be a mistake. For an amazing, well-priced, homemade sandwich this is just the place to stop and eat.

“When they try it, people just love our pizza,” Goodheart said. “You just have to come in and try the Greek style!”


Want to go? The Pizza Stop, 14601 Statesville Road, Huntersville, 704-727-3328.