HUNTERSVILLE – The Cornelius Police Department is examining a pursuit that led to a crash July 12 in Huntersville.

The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. on Statesville Road when suspect Jeffrey Wayne Greene crashed into two vehicles after fleeing from police, causing eight people, including Greene and two Cornelius police officers, to suffer from various injuries. A third car was also damaged, but not hit by Greene’s vehicle.

Officials said the crash began at a Days Inn in Cornelius where police attempted to arrest Greene for several criminal warrants in Mecklenburg, Lincoln and York counties.

He then drove to Mooresville at Exit 33 and back down through Huntersville until he traveled south on Statesville Road where the accident occurred.

A Huntersville family, Joseph, Vickie and Brandon, were just three of the victims Greene hit after losing control of his vehicle.

According to WSOC Channel 9, Vickie suffered from a fractured rib, punctured lung, lacerated spleen and concussion. Her son, Brandon, broke an eye socket and needed stitches in his back and side.

“As of right now, the CMC team has my father, and I am heavily involved in the support of my mother’s treatment,” Brandon said.

Based on a recent press release, CPD is reviewing the pursuit through a comprehensive review that determines if there was an unreasonable risk to the public in an attempt to arrest a criminal.

“The considerations in our policy help reduce the inherent risks to the general public, however we also have the obligation to apprehend criminals who create risks to the public when not captured,” CPD said in the release.  

CPD believes Greene was a threat and danger to the public because of his past assaults on law enforcement officers, damage to property, theft and fraud offenses. 

“A preliminary review of the facts surrounding this pursuit indicates officers acted within policy guidelines during this pursuit and even attempted to reduce the suspect’s opportunity to continue the pursuit by attempting to block the suspects vehicle,” CPD said. 

But CPD said it is still gathering facts as to whether the officers involved followed pursuit guidelines. 

CPD also said during the majority of the pursuit, speeds were less than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, which it said would be considered normal for I-77 at that time of day.

Greene has been released from the hospital and sent to Mecklenburg County jail for additional charges, including DWI, felony speed to elude, careless and reckless driving and possession of stolen property.