HUNTERSVILLE – Elevation Church has a long history of serving the community. This time, the church plans to remodel the inside of the Lake Norman Community Health Clinic.  

Church members will volunteer at the clinic July 26 to Aug. 3 to celebrate its fifth annual Love Week.  

Love Week started in 2010 when the Pastor Steven Furtick wanted his followers to serve in the community. Projects will take place at sites throughout the Lake Norman area, in addition to Charlotte, Gaston County, Raleigh, Virginia and Toronto.

“We expect over 11,000 volunteers in this week alone,” said Tonia Bendickson, Elevation outreach director. 

The associate pastor of Elevation’s Lake Norman chapter toured the clinic to see how it serves people.

“We are excited to partner with clinic again,” Bendickson said. “We would not create new clinics but partner with organizations already making an impact.”

Throughout the week, volunteers can engage in five, family-friendly projects at the clinic. People sign up online and select what they prefer to do.  

Volunteers will do a number of renovations to improve and freshen up the appearance of the clinic.

They will paint the six exam rooms and the public waiting area at the entrance.

“It will make a big difference. It’s going to help. We want patients to feel at ease and this shows patients we are professional,” said Karen Price, developmental director of LNCHC. “It helps us fulfill our mission.”

Price said volunteers will also maintain flower beds, stain wooded areas and pressure wash the building. She hopes to see an extra addition to the waiting room, a chair rail, which she said saves money and keeps the look of the facility welcoming. 

Carolyn Fisher, an Elevation volunteer, has managed and planned many of the projects at the clinic. Price said she couldn’t be happier having so many volunteers support and advance the clinic’s cause. 

“She’s taking on quite a job. She has taken on more than she thought she would,” Price said of Fisher. “She felt a connection with our mission.” 

The project manager for Elevation ensures people have a background and skill set in handiwork. The clinic has been clearing and prepping work areas so volunteers can get the job done easier and more efficiently. 

The partnership between the clinic and Elevation came shortly after the megachurch moved to its Cornelius location. Elevation has helped broadcast to the public the clinic’s mission to provide a medical home for uninsured families and individuals in northern Mecklenburg and southern Iredell counties.

“This partnership will help us get the message out and get people to know we are here and have a facility that shows the level of service we provide,” Price said. “Everyone I have met (at Elevation) is such a pleasure. They have so much enthusiasm.”

This past spring, Elevation and the clinic collaborated during Love Weekend, a mini-version of Love Week, where several people expressed interest in helping the clinic with various projects. A landscaping patient came out to volunteer at the clinic he attends. Several kids also weeded during Love Weekend.

“Elevation really maximizes their potential through others who are already effective. It’s a unique concept,” Price said. “Love Week brings back the concept of community and everyone working together and Huntersville is a great place to do that."