HUNTERSVILLE — As I drove to CryoSport, I was unsure about attending my first session.

When it was time to begin the freeze session, I still felt uneasy about stepping into the black cryochamber filled with nitrogen gas at a temperature of -205 degrees.

After the cryotherapist adjusted the height and set the time for two minutes, I took a few steps and entered the cryochamber with only a blue robe, double the socks, tennis shoes and undergarments.

I stood in the cryochamber having removed my robe, head and hands out in the open, with a shine from the blue, neon lights. Within just a few moments, I felt the gas swarm around my body.

After the first minute, I noticed the chill became stronger. I was actually becoming cold but not icebox cold. But what made this experience manageable was the mere fact it only lasts one to three minutes.

Once the two minutes had passed, I was finished. I stepped out of the chamber, feeling chilly, but not cold. I instantly became warm again and later, felt rejuvenated. 

CryoSport, the first whole body cryotherapy, focuses on faster athletic recovery, reducing muscle and joint inflammation, promoting healthier skin complexion, improving sleep and lessening stress and anxiety.  

“It helps overall wellness, as well as some beauty components,” said Michelle Campos, owner of CryoSport. 

Patients of cryotherapy enter a large chamber for up to three minutes that fills with bursts of nitrogen gas at temperatures between -220 and -274 degrees.  

“It’s a lot different than an ice-bath that soaks deeper through your skin,” Michelle said. “It’s a surface cold. It’s definitely something to get used to and people start a minute at a time.”

Caio Campos, owner of CryoSport, said the experience is not unbearable. He compares it to the feeling of floating in a gaseous cloud.

The three minutes of extreme cold causes the brain to stimulate the body, leaving clients feeling more energized and refreshed with stronger immune systems.  

Clients can additionally burn 500-800 calories over the next four hours after the three-minute freeze session, but the owners said some clients choose how long they receive therapy based on their needs. 

Caio believes cold therapy, in addition to heat therapy, stands as another effective method to reduce inflammation.

“It’s not really one or the other. It’s a different experience. It’s a different technology,” Caio said.

Cryotherapy is designed for athletes of all types, sports professionals and anyone active or subject to body pains.

The Huntersville CryoSport opened Aug. 11 and is the first in the state.

"Most U.S. cryotherapy facilities are using a machine that's built in the Ukraine, and ours is built in America. Specifically in in Atlanta, GA," Caio said. 

The owners of CryoSport also own CrossFit Huntersville and were fortunate enough to convert available space for their cryotherapy practice in the same building.

As of now, there are cryotherapy businesses in Texas, California, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. The owners plan to expand the practice into uptown and South Charlotte.   

“It’s growing to grow,” Michelle said.



Want to freeze? CryoSport is located at 9705 Rosewood Meadow Lane, Suite C. Details: or 704-659-3393.