HUNTERSVILLE – After dating for a year and a half, Huntersville resident Chad Mockerman decided Aug. 9 to put a ring on his girlfriend’s finger.

Amanda Wilkinson said ‘yes’ to Mockerman’s proposal crying tears of joy on a small bench at Birkdale Village.

Mockerman spent time working on the perfect wedding proposal. He created a script and came up with an elaborate plan to marry the woman with whom he fell in love.

“I always thought Amanda was beautiful, but what makes me always desire her is her level of intelligence and how interesting she is,” Mockerman said. “I love how she let’s me be me. She just takes me for who I am.”

Mockerman brought Wilkinson to Birkdale Village, walking from the Red Rocks area toward the theater and Qdoba Mexican Grill, leaving her to believe an entirely different story.

“She thinks they are having lunch with Chad’s boss,” said Tracey Aubart, event planner.

With this “plan,” Mockerman could feel a little nervous and expect Wilkinson to dress appropriately.

As the couple continued to walk through Birkdale, they encountered three groups of children from Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy hip-hop dance group, singing the song ‘Amanda’ by the rock band, Boston. 

When Mockerman and Wilkinson approached the bench surrounded by trees and pathways, Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers, a local rock band, picked up the song where the children left off. When the band transitioned to the song “Come to Me” by the Goo Goo Dolls, the children then danced together while holding pictures of Mockerman and Wilkinson.

And this is where it all happened. Each dancer handed Wilkinson a rose and mid-way through the song, Mockerman kneeled down, ring in hand and asked her the question that left her speechless and overwhelmed.   

Mya Greene, a hip-hop dancer at the academy for over three years now, said the whole team was excited to be a part of Mockerman’s proposal. 

“They wanted us to help them plan for the rest of their lives,” Greene said. “It made us nervous. We can’t mess this up.”

Lashawn Summers, director of Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy, said Mockerman had the idea to incorporate the dancers into his skit after he saw the dancers at their end of year festival. 

The now engaged couple first met four years ago online and grew closer ever since. The two enjoy to traveling; attending concerts, such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore; and hanging out with their four girls.

The proposal was not something Mockerman carried out off the whim. He knew six months ago he would propose to Wilkinson over the summer and always told her it would happen when she least expects it. 

“I knew it has to be the song Amanda. I know I wanted someone singing the song,” Mockerman said. “I knew I wanted Brandon. She loves watermelon and cake. I wanted everything related to things she loves.”

Mockerman and Wilkinson are looking forward to their adventures in Italy and Peru next year.

“Together we are effortless,” Mockerman said. “There is passion, love and friendship, yet complete comfort and contentment.”