HUNTERSVILLE – Doug Thorne, 45, doesn’t let his age get in the way of his passion to skateboard.  

Thorne hopped on his first skateboard at age 5 or 6.

“I saw some people fall off it and I said I can do that, so I jumped on it,” Thorne said. “The older kids in my neighborhood were really good at it, and I wanted to be with the older kids.”

He said skateboarding was his first mode of transportation to get from one side of his neighborhood to another to see a friend or go to the pool.

Thorne said he is not the kind of skateboarder who poses a nuisance to everyone else on the street. For him, skateboarding is all about the exercise, fun and entertainment.

“In college, it was easier to skateboard down the hallway to get to the pay phone. It was easier to glide to somebody’s room,” Thorne said. “It was just a fun way to go get people.”

Although Thorne suffered from several injuries, he still skateboards up and down the street, minus a few risky techniques he was once able to do.

"I know what it takes to do a trick. You practice and fail. You have fallen and busted your butt a couple times," Thorne said. "I almost killed myself trying to go into the air. I remember the practice it took to get that." 

On several occasions, Thorne teaches his children and others in his neighborhood how to ride a skateboard.

“They all started wanting to ride the skateboard because of me,” Thorne said. “(The kids) have varying degrees of ability. I would teach them how to balance, make curves and where to put their feet to start off. I found myself standing there like a coach.”

Thorne is proud his daughter, Sydney, and the neighborhood children find it unique he can skateboard at his age. “They think it's cool to keep up with the old man,” he said.